LaFont: Handmade eyeglasses, eyewear maintenance and repair services

Designer Eyewear
We curate unique, fashionable eyewear from top designers around the world, seeking out the finest handmade, top quality eyeglass frames with flair.
Stylish. Colorful. Functional.

We offer a wide variety of eyeglass lens options to suit your needs:
  • Single Vision
  • Digital Progressive
  • Computer and task specific lenses
  • Traditional bi-focal and tri-focal
  • Prescription readers
Why choose a digital Progressive Lens?
The latest trend in eyeglasses in recent years has been digital progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are designed to allow you to see at distance, the computer, and for reading... all with one pair of lenses.

Early versions of progressive lenses had a tendency to be a bit blurry at the edges and often suffered from a limited reading area. The advent of digital progressives overcomes these problems of the past.

Using the latest laser technology, the design of progressive lenses has improved significantly. Experience a wider field of vision, sharper visual acuity, increased reading & computer areas and little to no blur at the outside edges of these lenses. It's like seeing the difference between VHS and Blu-Ray.

Etnia Barcelona: Sunglass Lenses
Available Lens Options
  • Prescription sunglass lenses
  • Prevencia - blue blocking anti-reflective treatment
  • Polarized sunglass lenses
  • Transitions® brand photochromatic lenses - allows you to go from inside to outside without having to change glasses
  • Custom polarized sun clips - we can make clips to match the shape and color of any frame
  • Tints and mirror coatings

Repairs and Retrofitting
From the expected loose screw to the unexpected comfort custom, snap-on nose pads can bring to your plastic frames to the “like new” look we can restore by recoloring your metal frames, we offer a variety of services both in-store and through our offsite lab that will improve the life of the glasses and their wearer.

If you’re having problems with your current frames, we can help! We’re usually able to repair your glasses while you wait: nose pads, bent frames, loose screws, and more!

JF Rey: Eyeglass Quality Control