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NEW: ic! berlin

ic! berlin eyewear production precision craftsmanship

Before Fashion there was craftsmanship. What little was there had to be good and had to last. Taking care of something, repairing, mending – these were once virtues, not always buying new. A pair of shoes to last a lifetime. Preindustrial life: simple and structured.

A famous product with face and character. Authenticity is the key word of the New Era. Enlightened consumers who want to know what is in and behind the products – not retouched marketing hyperbole.

ic! berlin urban collection
To create something, to own something, that is more than the sum of its parts, not churned out of soulless machines with no connection to the human world. The near, the understandable, the tangible. Handmade by real people. So goes the journey. A revolution: from back to front! From the Middle Ages to the post-industrial world of mass-produced products.

ic! berlin makes glasses in our own Produktion Haus in Berlin. Precious treasures for the eyes and nose. Made by Berliners, not an anonymous multinational corporation. Built to last, not to become obsolete when the next model hits the market. With a little love an ic! berlin frame will be with you your whole life long.

ic! berlin baseline astronaut
We make glasses for everybody – everybody, who doesn’t want to be like everybody else. We make glasses for your face. For round, oblong, oval, square, angular, soft, large and small faces. Glasses that are exciting, quiet, bombastic, silent, edgy, classic. Zen-like cohesion or rebellious screams, but above all, functional; weightless and gentle on the skin. Marching to the beat of our own drum. Bucking the norm. Breaking the mould. No bandwagons. We are not fashion lemmings.

Above all, quality.

ic! berlin urban collection screwless hinge in gold

Visit the ic!berlin website to learn more about the latest addition to our family of brands.

Wissing Brillenfassungen

Bespoke Eyewear: Handmade in Germany Bespoke eyewear. Handmade just for you.

Have you ever dreamed of designing your very own glasses? Have you found yourself looking and looking for that extra special something? Something handmade exclusively for you?

We have the perfect thing in store for you today. Walter Wissing & Co. specializes in the extraordinary. Glasses offered in a variety of colors and forms using multi-layered materials to create unlimited possibilities in frame design.

From daily wear to special occasion, conservative to crazy, colorful or chromatic... Wissing custom frames put something special in your spectacles. After all, they were made just for you. Create your very own custom combinations, determine every detail of your new optometric, readers or sunglasses of the highest quality materials. Every style. Every color. Any size.

Customize your very own frame, it's easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

  1. Select you shape from hundreds of different frame styles, each one available made-to-measure for you to find your perfect fit.
  2. Choose from a catalog including thousands of unique acetate color chips, mix and match and pair them up any way you want.
  3. Add one of over a dozen optional etching styles to add that extra touch of personal texture, just how you want it.

Create eyewear as unique as yourself. Because there's only one you.


Vuarnet NightlynxL Night-time vision

Vuarnet Nightlynx

IN STOCK NOW: Brand new from Vuarnet, Nightlynx has been designed for high performance in low to no light conditions. These striking yellow lenses are available across a range of matte colors on five classic Vuarnet frames.

Inspired by pilots, these lenses provide optimal viewing when driving rain or fog, making them perfect for our Seattle weather and the long, dark nights. They shed light on the night, Nightlynx lenses provide clarity with light dynamics. Try on the Nightlynx collection in store today!

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Vuarnet Ice
Vuarnet Ice

COMING SOON: Based on 60 years of experience with mountains professionals, Vuarnet presents its latest sunglasses, Vuarnet ice. Pre-order yours today!

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Vuarnet Mineral Lenses
Vuarnet Mineral Lenses

Vuarnet offers a complete range of exclusive mineral lenses. These high quality lenses are widely considered the best available. Vuarnet is proud to ensure and guarantee the best: protection, clarity, and durability in your new mineral lenses.

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Vuarnet Corrective Lenses
Vuarnet Corrective Lenses

We offer authentic Vuarnet solar lenses in your prescription, whatever your correction is: Myopia, Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism.

Thanks to the exclusive treatments applied to Vuarnet's glass lenses, their custom corrective sunglasses offer you the best vision, the highest clarity, and the best protection available today.

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